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Use An Ivory Ella Coupon And Get Good Clothes for a Higher Cause

Ivory Ella is a large online clothing store affiliated with numerous non-profit organizations that seek to protect the environment and save the animals. One of their main affiliates is Save the Elephants, a global organization focused on saving the elephants and protecting them from harm.

All the customers of Ivory Ella can serve a higher purpose while buying their favorite clothes and accessories. They know that a part of their money goes to international missions, and are used to save the elephants. In fact, this company donates 10% of their yearly profits to the Save the Elephants organization.

The name of the company is quite suggestive: ivory trade is killing tens of thousands of elephants each year. The name “Ella” comes from a famous elephant that lives in Amboseli National Park.

What do they Sell?
On you can find a wide range of clothing items, from tops, bottoms, intimates, hats & accessories. Their clothes distinguish themselves by the high-quality fabric, intricate models and beautiful elephants sewn into the garment. You can also go to the Charity Collection tab and discover the best-sellers in each collection. If you have a favorite collection, this is the place to go.

What do they do?
Ivory Ella is not just into saving elephants. They are also involved in numerous other charities. For example, customers who choose to buy this beanie: giving-tuesday-beanie?variant=222626283540 automatically contribute to offering a winter coat to a child in need. For every beanie purchased, the company buys a coat and gives it to children in need, by the help of Operation Warm. This is the official page of this charity foundation:

Collections & Club Ella
Ivory Ella loves to retain its customers and increase their loyalty by offering several unique collections of clothes. For each collection, they offer certain incentives, price cut-offs and bonuses. Moreover, each item in the collection gives you a certain amount of club points. You can enter Club Ellaand spend the points to make a gift, get a $5, $10 or $20 off coupon or gain access to hidden deals.

To top it all, this platform offers a standard 15% student discount. Use your Student Beans account and buy your favorite sweater, leggings, hat, t-shirt or elephant-style necklace at a discounted price.

What are People Saying About Ivory Ella?
People are raving on social networks about this platform and about the collections offered. For example, the 552k followers on Twitter are sharing and retweeting the Ivory Ella posts every single hour. Students are also thrilled about the 15% off, so they are advertising the site to their peers and colleagues.

Elephants cry, play, have incredible memories, and laugh 🐘 #ellafacts

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Moreover, people on social media are going nuts about the 10% off coupon code. The new Ivory Ella coupon code IVORY10 helps you save 10% on your first order in January. You also get standard free shipping for orders over $75. If your looking for the most recent offers from Ivory Ella check out Coupon Cause, they also support causes around the world though their charitable giving. Moreover, you get 15% off for referring a friend, plus 250 Club Ella points.

Take advantage now of this unique January offer and choose your favorite clothing items and jewelry on Help save the elephants and become the proud owner of an Ivory Ella item.